Why Choose Hospice Services?
The decision to choose hospice is a personal one, involving the patient, their family, physician, and caregivers. Hospice emphasizes family involvement, as each person defines it, and helps individuals support each other during this challenging time of life. Hospice’s expertise in palliative, or “comfort” care, assures the patient of state-of-the-art pain control and symptom management during times of transition.
Why Choose Entrust Hospice instead of a large national provider?
Entrust Hospice is Arizona-based, and we excel at providing boutique-level individualized programs of care to patients and their families. Because we know the local culture, we are acutely sensitive to each individual’s goals and needs. Our team of hospice professionals is headed by experienced individuals who are well-respected in the community. Their decades of involvement in hospice care and palliative care allows them to draw upon a wide range of holistic services for the benefit of those we serve. Entrust Hospice treats the whole person, not the disease, and also supports the survivors for as long as they require it.
Must I Use the Hospice Service My Hospital Recommended?
Some hospitals and medical practices have a financial interest in a hospice provider. Naturally they refer patients to those. All hospice care providers must comply with rigorous national standards, but the quality and responsiveness can vary within those requirements.
Does choosing hospice mean ``giving up``?
Not at all. Hospice is an affirmative decision that enables patients to live their remaining days fully, among family and friends. Hospice care focuses on enhancing the quality of each day during life’s final stages. Its goal is to bring joy and peace to a time of transition, not to shorten or prolong life. A patient can decide to leave hospice care at any time and return to aggressive curative treatment. That choice is always available.
Who pays for Hospice Care?
No, on the contrary. Hospice care is a cost-effective alternative to the high costs associated with hospitals and traditional institutional care. When an individual has Medicare or AHCCCS* and meets hospice eligibility requirements, most services of hospice staff are covered. Under the Medicare hospice benefit, holistic, all-inclusive quality end-of-life care is provided at no cost to terminally-ill Medicare beneficiaries.
Is Hospice a Place?
Hospice is not a place. It is a program of care that allows terminally-ill patients and their families to remain together in the comfort and dignity of their home or other residential location to live their last days in tranquil surroundings. Hospice care relies on the combined knowledge and skill of a team of professionals, including physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, counselors, and volunteers.

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